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Rolly's Chat!

      Rolly's Chat created in November 2012, and went live on the web in February of 2013, after returning to Chat after a 9 years Hiatus.  Came back to nothing after yahoo closed its chat rooms in Dec of 2012. Halsoft and Yak chat was pretty much the same as it was when i left Vp Chat 12 years ago.  Only thing that  had changed was chatters names.  I couldn't find any of the chatters i had known 12 years ago.  So with same name i've always had for years; I visited Halsoft and Yak chat, just browsing from room to room.  Eventually a few chatters would im me, asking if i was the Rolltide from many years ago, i said yes, and inquired of other friends we had known.  No one knowing each other from years ago with the exception of just a few.  However the chats were still the same, no additions, no improvements.  Therefore i decided to persue opening Rolly's Chat.  Later i found out that Voodoo Chat had went to Facebook, and apparently chatters wasn't very fond of that decision either.  So i polled users asking questions of what they would like in a Chat, and started persuing ways of getting to what the users wanted and would like.  Now after a couple of years of working with several people that knowed a little about certain things of certain areas of the HTML, OSVP, and C++ , as well as PHP areas of server/ clients, we  have gotten to a decent size community with quite a few members, and only a few regulars that continue to come daily.  Now Nevdull has joined the Community as Head Programmer and is incorporating a server/ client that we have full source code to that is totally ours to use and code as we see fit.  So with this union, you the chatter can expect great things to come in the future.  As i cannot say what it will be at this current time, all i can say is its going to be fun, and eventful, to see what pops up in chat for all of us to do and enjoy while roaming the Rolly's Chat Community.  I encourage you if you have not joined already, to register and become a member and experience all the improvements so far, and experience the New Things coming in the Near and foregoing Future here at Rolly's Chat !!!!!!!!    

                                                                                                                                                    Rolly / Rolltide

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